In the summer of 2017, the Museum of Ice Cream had a pop experience in Downtown Los Angeles. The whole thing can be experienced in under and hour bit it was fun none the less.


Los Angeles, Central LA

The drive way leading up the main entrance had white and pink spray panted ice creams along the path.

When you first enter the museum, the candy colored phones provide an introduction to the museum. I'm pretty sure the recording is voiced by Seth Rogan.

The first room had all sorts of candy themed decorations.

This room offered the first ice cream tasting. Sea Salt and Caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw.

After enjoying the delicious ice cream from Salt & Stray, there's a room with hundreds of (fake) yellow and pink bananas.

There was a full on photography session going on in the banana room. Only in LA, I guess.

The photography session followed us into the Mint and Chocolate Chip themed room. That's real mint and the "dirt" is coco beans.

On our way to the popsicle display, we came across some Sundae-themed shoes.

There are signs all over this room and a chain to make sure no one tries to climb them. All the kids wanted to climb them and play around with did the adults.

Los Angeles, Central LA

Los Angeles, Central LA

Los Angeles, Central LA

Los Angeles, Central LA

Rules for the sprinkle pool

All hail Lord Sprinkles!!

Los Angeles, Central LA

Small groups of attendees could play in the sprinkle pool. It's about 4 feet deep and a lot of fun.

The gift shop had a few interesting pieces for sale.